1) How to wash my sarong?

It is better to wash your sarong in the washing machine from the first time(in separating the colors of course), low temperature since it has pretty much often an excedent of color for the strong ones, a good draining is better to eliminate it-..
If the color would run off please check question n° 2.

2) What to do if the colors run off?

First don’t panic! Nothing important, don’t do any experiences with your« magic
products ». Simply wash it again in the washing machine and it will de fine.
It’s not necessary to do it right away, your sarong can dry in between, it does’nt matter.If you still have that problem after the second wash the next one should be the good one.

3) My sarong has sunscreen lotion on it, what can i do?

If you have some orange spots on your sarong it’s probably due to your sunscreen lotion..Wet
your sarong, put some dishwashing soap on the spots, scrub a bit, don’t rince and
put in the washing machine with your usual detergent.If the spots are bigger dip your sarong in little water and a lot of dishwashing detergent,
rub it.It has to be very foamy, you can leave it a couple of minutes no more.
Put it in the washing machine without rinsing.It works!.

4) What laundry detergent should i use?

You can use your laundry detergent.don’t use any other strong detergent that would
damage your sarong.

5) My sarong has plenty of brown bits on it looking like chocolate, what to do?

As you probably know our sarongs are in batik , totally handmade
(see the video).These little brown things are some leftover of the wax used to make the drawing.During the process we boil the sarong,the wax melts, Then we rince it but sometimes bits of wax are still on it.just scrub a bit to get it off or wait for next laundry.
You will find these only on genuine batik sarongs.

6) Can i iron my sarong?
If you hang your sarong correctly to dry you won’t have to iron it but otherwise you can no problem.Rayon fiber is a 100 % natural and can be taken care off just like cotton.


7) Can i put my sarong in the dryer?

Your sarong can go in the dryer warm temperature.

8) I am not in vacation anymore, what can i do with my sarong?

Lots of people use our sarongs as decorative:
As a tablecloth,
Over an armchair or a couch,
Over a bed or as a sheet for children beds.
Some people even sent us pictures of great curtains..
You can do anything, as a matter of facts your pictures are welcome!.

9) How could i buy your products?

Our products are sold exclusively on Salines beach in Martinique by ourselves.


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