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Dress with crossover top

Ideal for summer this light dress in rayon veil will suit you in all circumstances.

The jumpsuit


We have a wide variety of jumpsuits. It is a practical and very comfortable model worn with or without straps. The quality of rayon and its convenience make it a must.


The dress tango

Another dress in rayon veil in different prints. Indispensable for your moments in the sun

The nova dress

This dress, very light is easy to maintain like the others It is also part of our collection that you will find on Salines beach from November to March.


the zgara dress

To complete the range, the Zgara dress is in rayon. It has nothing to envy to my other creations. This model inspired by the “tunic style” is quite suitable for the summer.

the Sawe dress

This is a strapless dress,

tied on the chest,

elasticated at the waist.

Split on the side, it also has stripes that are attached or not according to the will.

It’s rayon veil (natural fiber) like most of our dresses.

The combilong

You will love to wear this combi to the city as to the beach. Its jersey fabric is very pleasant and appreciable for all occasions.

The combilong Soko

Made in rayon veil this combilong is very fluid.

Light with pockets, this one is very confortable and perfect for a casual look.

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